Introduction of the team

The project team is made ​​up of a commercial entity ELTODO Transport Systems, which is also the principal investigator of the project, other project team members and co-researchers is the ELTODO EG, a.s. and research organizations Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Transportation.

ELTODO dopravní systémy s.r.o.

Doc. Ing. Bc. Tomáš Tichý, Ph.D. – main researcher
Ing. Tomáš Šmerda researcher
Ing. Dušan Vaněk researcher
Ing. Klára Vaňková – member of reasearch team

System Engineer

  • Ing. Vladimír Felcman
  • Ing Libor Šeps


Czech Technical University in Prague

Ing. Zuzana Bělinová, Ph.D. – researcher

Others involved in the project:

  • PhD student
    • Ing. Jan Kapitán
    • Ing. Martin Spěváček



Ing. Dušan Krajčír researcher
Ing. Jiří Sedlák researcher