April 16,2013 Demonstration of the functional sample

Today, the basic version of the universal control unit was revivedand also its basic functionality and modularity was immediately demonstrated by the UNIR project manager .

March 1, 2012 Start of the project Unire

Work on the first Unire stage of the project was officially launched on March 1 2012, based on the project plan approved by the Technology Agency of the the Czech Republic. At this stage, the basic architecture of the unit is designed and HW and SW concept is being processed. HW solutions will be verified by functional tests along with the system and application software. SW design assumes also user interface design for the adjustment. It will also analyze the function of each plug-in modules for the unit with the interface to peripherals. When designing the following steps will be included:

HW analysis and finding appropriate structures, including the printed circuit board and mount the various elements to create a basic controller and monitoring boards will be carried out. Linux with real-time management module for time-critical tasks will be chosen as the operating system, SW applications will be developed in C + +. Research will be conducted for each module, particularly, the module communication infrastructure-to-vehicle and a suitable interface (CALM, etc.) will be selected. Also analysis of options for traffic management will be performed at the point of occurrence of incidents or during oversaturated network and possible solutions. The individual steps are addressed in regular meetings about once a month.