Management and transportation modelling

One of the many results of the project Unire is a close cooperation with the activities of the laboratory. The main task of this department is to participate in this project and conduct independent safety audits and risk analysis operating in the Czech and Slovak Republic.

On 7 December 2010
the Laboratory of management and transportation modelling was officially inaugurated at the Faculty of Transportation Sciences, which was created with the contribution of the Faculty of Transportation Sciences and the ELTODO group. The aim is to primarily support the teaching and research activities of the faculty narrowly linked with the private sector.

Traffic management on highways and in cities is one of the important points to maintain mobility and is approved by the European Union. Creating this department will enable students to engage in activities outside the Czech Republic in the new field of ITS. "Proposals for new control algorithms supported by a detachment of the draft model for the participation of academics and practical experience, companies can significantly help to move the sustainability of transportation" says project supervisor specialist of the laboratory of management and modelling Doc. Ing. Tomáš Tichý, Ph.D.

The official establishment of the laboratory was preceded by a long-term cooperation between the group of companies ELTODO and the Faculty of Transportation Sciences. The basic points of the Laboratory of management and transportation modelling can be found on the website.