About project

The aim of the research project is to design a universal intelligent control unit.

This unit will increase the reliability of the technical solutions of control systems and increase the capacity for processing information and communication with other systems/subsystems.

Subsystems of control unit are meant as data storage, software modules performing specific algorithm over external data provided by the control unit, or transfer of information to a particular output unit periphery.

Precondition of a complex approach to solution is link between vehicle-to-infrastructure, which will significantly affect the future in safety and fluency. One of the proposed additional modules will significantly raise safety and traffic flow but also its own ldurability of transport infrastructure. An example may be the information about the weight of vehicle or its position. After that the town or city can reduce infrastructure or redirect traffic in the event of closure, limited transit, smog, etc.

Investigator plans to actively offer results of the project in the Czech Republic and abroad, where the use management systems is expected, especially in transportation. The system can be expanded into general industry and power engineering. The applicant will substantially increase his competitiveness and innovation of infrastructure equipment with added value by the implementation of this project.

Basic design and manufacture of the prototype will be done between 2012 and 2013. We assume integrated HW and SW approach to the issue of testing using microsimulation to selected areas or trouble spots. The design of hardware and software prototype will be delivered by ELTODO Transport Systems Ltd. Simulation and verification of the prototype in environment VISSIM, MATLAB or AIMSUN will be provided by CTU FD and engineering design and documentation for certification and subsequent production will be delivered by ELTODO EG, a.s.